Whereas the planet Earth & its dependents are poisoned & polluted by the production & distribution of clothes, fiber & fabric,
& Whereas the human & economic imbalance between labor, corporations & wages is immoral & unsustainable,
& Whereas an overabundance of clothing already exists at all price points in stores, warehouses, second-hand venues & closets,
& Whereas consumer marketing & a cultural mind-set founded on the worship of production, “progress” & possession keep us in thrall to newness, waste, unnecessary spending & false hopes,
& Whereas our personal self-images are problematically wrought with both fantasies of sexual appeal based on what the next purchase may render unto us, & illusions that inner value is equal to & proven by material ownership,

I, ____________________________________, on this day, ___________________, in_________________, & witnessed herewith by my peers in consciousness, hereby do promise & intend:
to STOP & consider intensively the necessity, etiology & origin; my intentions, hopes & dreams; & the breadth, depth & degree of past suffering & future consequences concerning my every clothing purchase for the amount of time herein stated:

3 months / 6 months / 9 months / 1 year

& to revisit this contract at that elapsed span of time, during which I further pledge
to stay conscious of my clothing practices, prejudices & assumptions, & their repercussions for human & other inhabitants animal & vegetable on this burdened Earth,

to make the best effort I can to rethink & recreate clothes I already own, trade, or purchase second-hand
& / or to obtain aid & assistance from sympathetic, like-minded friends or knowledgeable professionals in doing so,

& by following these tenets to educate & serve as a model for others to do the same.


permission granted by abf & Lyric Couture to freely reproduce & use with this line present
c 2006